D. H. Lawrence, Distance & Proximity, Unedited Papers from the International Symposium, Hosted on Zoom, 10 – 14 July 2021

Picture Postcards: A Colour and Collage Workshop, Convened by Susan Reid

Lawrence’s Art of Fiction and its Proximity to Fact, Workshop Convened by Fiona Fleming

Getting Closer to Lawrence, Roundtable Convened by Andrew Harrison

Modernity as Attraction and Repulsion for Lawrence, and Lawrence and the Problem of Demos

Distance From or Proximity To Nature: Ecocritical Readings, Workshop Convened by Terry Gifford

Lawrence and Gender Roles: Boundaries Respected and Rejected, and Lawrence and the Dis-Eease of Disabilities

New Work in Lawrence Studies: A Postgraduate Showcase, Convened by Sean Matthews

Lawrence’s Poetry, A Workshop Convened by Holly Laird

Lawrence as a Master of the Short Story, Workshop Convened by Marina Ragachewskaya

Universal Lawrence: A Creative Non-Fiction Workshop, Convened by Naveed Rehan

Twenty-First-Century Approaches, A Workshop Convened by Nanette Norris

With thanks to all the symposium delegates who have generously shared their unedited papers here. Original artwork from the picture postcards collage workshop led by Rebecca Loweth is courtesy of: Kate Foster, Mary Foster, Feroza Jussawalla, Susan Reid, Carrie Rohman, Carrie Rohman’s son, Nahla Torbey, Kathleen Vella, Suzanne Walton, and John Worthen.