The Journal of D.H. Lawrence Studies

The Journal of D. H. Lawrence Studies (JDHLS) is a fully-refereed, annual publication of the DH Lawrence Society of Great Britain. It publishes high quality research on all aspects of the life and work of D.H. Lawrence.

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For submissions, email the editor, Sue Reid (

Submissions are refereed by two members of the Editorial Board. Once an essay has been accepted for publication a style sheet will be forwarded to the author.


Susan Reid (

Online Editor:

Joseph R. Shafer

Advisory Editor:

Andrew Harrison

Reviews Editor:

Jane Costin

Editorial Board:

  • Helen Baron
  • Fiona Becket
  • Michael Bell
  • Howard J. Booth
  • Catherine Brown
  • David Ellis
  • Bethan Jones
  • Sean Matthews
  • Paul Poplawski
  • N. H. Reeve
  • Neil Roberts
  • Stephen Rowley
  • John Turner
  • Jeff Wallace
  • John Worthen

The DH Lawrence Society is based in Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, the place where Lawrence was born in 1885. The society aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the life and work of DH Lawrence, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.

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