JDHLS 1990


~Peter Preston

Recent additions to the D.H. Lawrence collection at Nottingham University

~Dorothy B. Johnston

Congregationalism in the early life of D.H. Lawrence: ministers at the Eastwood Chapel

~David Newmarch

‘Nearly a stranger’: the Letters of D.H. Lawrence to Blanche Jennings

~Fabienne Blakey

D.H. Lawrence and ‘real knowledge’: holistic wisdom and is there a future for it?

~John R. Doheny

In the shadow of Ema: D.H. Lawrence, Verga and the landscape of Sicily

~Christopher de Vido

Lawrence’s brush with Hollywood: ‘Lost and Found’

~Ross Parmenter


D.H. Lawrence and M. L. Skinner, The Boy in the Bush, ed. Paul Eggert. ~Rosemary Howard

Tony Pinkney, D.H. Lawrence. ~Peter Faulkner

D.H. Lawrence, Movements in European History, ed. Philip Crumpton. ~Howard Mills

The Letter of D.H. Lawrence, vol 5. ed, James T. Boulton and Lindeth Vasey. ~Rosemary Howard

The ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ Trial, ed. H. Montgomery Hyde. ~Andrew Cooper

Joseph Davis, D.H. Lawrence at Thirroul. ~Rosemary Howard