JDHLS 1992-1993


~Peter Preston

D.H. Lawrence, Robert Mountsier and the journalist spy controversy

~Louise E. Wright

Primordial affinities: Lawrence, Van Gough and the miners

~Jack F. Stewart

D.H. Lawrence and the dance

~Mark Kinkead-Weekes

The cost of liberation: sexual politics in Lawrence’s ‘Tickets, Please’

~Paul Wood

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: tenderness and the holy ghost

~Chong-Wha Chung


John Worthen, D.H. Lawrence: the Early Years 1885-1913. ~Macdonald Daly

D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, ed. Helen Baron and Carl Baron. ~Peter Preston

D.H. Lawrence: Selected Poetry and Prose, ed. John Lucas. ~Ronald Draper

The Letters of D.H. Lawrence, volume VI 1927-28, ed. James Boulton and Margaret Boulton with Gerald M. Lacy. ~Andrew Cooper

D.H. Lawrence Cent’anni Dopo, ed. Carla Comellini and Vita Fortunati. ~Nick Ceramella

D.H. Lawrence’s Manuscripts, ed. Michael Squires. ~John Worthen

John Worthen, D.H. Lawrence. ~George Hyde

Barbara Mensch, D.H. Lawrence and the Authoritarian Personality. ~Linda Ruth Williams

Michael Bell, D.H. Lawrence: Language and Being. ~Rosemary Howard

David Holbrook, Where Lawrence was Wrong about Women. ~Susan Y. Gilchrest