JDHLS 1994-1995


~Catherine Greensmith

Editing Sons and Lovers

~Helen Baron

Libidinal Structure and the Representation of Desire in Sons and Lovers

~Robert Burden

The Men Who Died: D.H. Lawrence’s Phallic Vision of the Restored Body

~Anja Vinikka

Deceptive Equivalence or Expressive Identity? The Chinese Translation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

~Yi Chen

Fashion, Art and the Leisure Class in D.H. Lawrence’s The White Peacock

~Barbara Langell Miaras

The Case of the Submerged Anemone

~Keith Sagar

Sons and Lovers: Write or Unite

~Helen Baron


D.H. Lawrence: Kangaroo, ed. Bruce Steele. ~Rosemary Howard

Michael Black, D.H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers; D.H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers, ed. Helen Brown and Carl Baron. ~Peter Preston

Paul Poplawski, Prompting of Desire: Creativity and the Religious Impulse in the Works of D.H. Lawrence. ~Rosemary Howard

Mara Kalhins, D.H. Lawrence: Selected Poems. ~Bethan Jones