JDHLS 2001

Acknowledgements & Foreword

~Bethan Jones

What Price the Stockings?

~Ginette Roy

Lawrence and the Taming of the Dark

~Stephen Rowley

Dialogue and Dialect in Lawrence’s Colliery Plays

~Ian Clarke

Lawrence the Mystic

~Stephen Taylor

The University of D.H. Lawrence’s Animistic Vision

~Takeo Iida

D.H. Lawrence’s Sardinia

~Sandro Corso

Cruelty by Contract: The Democracy of Touch as a Masochistic Power Arrangement (Toward a Consensual Slavery)

~Stephen Alexander

D.H. Lawrence: A Single Life

~John Worthen

‘La vie est vaine/Un peu d’amour’: D.H. Lawrence’s poem in the autograph book

~Fabienne Bonnet

Coincidences in Skye

~Rosemary Howard


Simon Trussler, ed., The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd and other plays. ~Peter Preston

Hans-Wilhelm Schwarze and John Worthen, eds., The Plays. ~Ian Clarke

Terry R. Wright, D.H. Lawrence and the Bible. ~Andrew Harrison

Paul Poplawski, ed., Writing the Body in D.H. Lawrence: Essays on Language, Representation, and Sexuality. ~Noëlle Cuny