JDHLS 2002-2003

Acknowledgements & Foreword

~Bethan Jones

D.H. Lawrence: The Thinker as Poet (On Dissolving the Genre Distinction Between Philosophy and Literature)

~Stephen Alexander

Rananim Glimpsed: Lawrence in Taos

~Amitav Banerjee

D.H. Lawrence and Norman Douglas: The Enthralling Attraction of Southern Italy

~Nick Ceramella

Nottingham Canal and The Rainbow

~Ronald Morris

Suave Loins, Venison Pasties, and Other Tasty Nonsense: The Unacceptable Face of Lawrence

~George Hyde

Drowning Ishmael: D.H. Lawrence and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

~Stephen Adams


Gerald Doherty, Oriental Lawrence: the Quest for the Secrets of Sex. ~Takeo Iida

Michael Squires and Lynn K. Talbot, Living at the Edge: a Biography of D.H. Lawrence and Freida con Richthofen. ~Clive Leivers