JDHLS Volume 5, Number 2 (2019)

[articles forthcoming]

Contents & Introduction

~Susan Reid

Further Letters of D.H. Lawrence

~John Worthen and Andrew Harrison

A Bibliography of D.H. Lawrence, Third Edition (2001), By Warren Roberts and Paul Poplawski: Corrections, Additions and Updates to Section F

~Paul Poplawski

Introduction: D.H. Lawrence and London

~Catherine Brown

New London Poet: D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Town’ Poems and Their Wartime Versions

~Holly Laird

How Lawrence Launched His Career in London

~Joyce Wexler

First Encounters: D.H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield and the ‘Wizard’ London

~Jane Stafford

‘The Young Russian’: Lawrence, Libidnikov and London’s Russians in the First World War

~Catherine Brown

‘Another Bloomsbury Set’: D.H. Lawrence, London and Life-Writing

~Lee M. Jenkins

Resisting ‘Dull London’: Nietzsche and Nihilism in D.H. Lawrence’s Leadership Novels

~Stewart Smith

Review Essay: The Cambridge Edition’s Phenomenal Finale

~Jonathan Long

Review Essay: On Not Mentioning the War: Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day and D.H. Lawrence’s Wartime Writing

~Susan Reid


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