PICTURE POSTCARDS: A Colour and Collage Workshop

The PICTURE POSTCARDS workshop was convened and introduced by Susan Reid, led by artist Rebecca Loweth, and curated by Jonathan Long. Lawrence was a prolific sender of postcards, although usually we pay more attention to the words on the back than the pictures on the front ‒ or to their paradoxical signalling of distance and proximity from/to the viewer.

Original artwork from the picture postcards collage workshop led by Rebecca Loweth is courtesy of: Kate Foster, Mary Foster, Feroza Jussawalla, Susan Reid, Carrie Rohman, Carrie Rohman’s son, Nahla Torbey, Kathleen Vella, Suzanne Walton, and John Worthen. 

Susan Ried, “Introduction”

Jonathan Long, “Lawrence and Postcards”