JDHLS Volume 1, Number 3 (2008)

Editorial Notes & Acknowledgements

~Andrew Harrison

Further Letters of D.H. Lawrence

~James T. Boulton

Lawrence and Frieda in Riva

~Colm Kerrigan

A Note on the ‘Shame’ Chapter of The Rainbow

~Keith Sagar

D.H. Lawrence and the Spontaneous Gesture

~John Turner

Fanny and Annie (The Hutchinson’s Magazine Version, 1921)

~D.H. Lawrence (with an Afterword by John Worthen)

Queer Lawrence: Reading ‘Snake’

~Howard J. Booth

Grant Watson’s Where Bonds are Loosed: A Stimulus for Lawrence’s ‘Australian Period’ with Particular Resonances in The Boy in the Bush

~David Game

Unclamping ‘Philosophy’ in D.H. Lawrence

~Jeff Wallace

New Letters from S.S. Koteliansky and Charles Lahr to D.H. Lawrence

~Michael Squires and Lynn K. Talbot

Review Essay

Selected Poems, Complete with Warts

~Christopher Pollnitz


Mary Ann Gillies, The Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880-1920. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007. ~Mara Kalnins

Louise E. Wright, Maurice Magnus: A Biography. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. ~Keith Cushman

Jae-kyung Koh, D. H. Lawrence and the Great War: The Quest for Cultural Regeneration. Bern: Peter Lang, 2007. ~Oliver Taylor