JDHLS Volume 6, Number 1 (2021)

Editorial Notes and Acknowledgements

~Susan Reid

Further Letters of D. H. Lawrence

~John Worthen and Andrew Harrison

A Lawrence Essay Fragment not Included in Mornings in Mexico

~Neil Roberts

Seriously Modified Beliefs: The Reverend Robert Reid’s Influence on D. H. Lawrence

~Luke Ferretter

The Influence of The Altaic Deity “erlik” on D. H. Lawrence’s Portrayal of “loerke” in Women in Love

~Shanee Stepakoff

On Decadence, Decay and “Pure Flowers of Dark Corruption”: D. H. Lawrence and Baudelaire (On the Bicentenary of Baudelaire’s Birth)

~Jo Jones

Dialogues with Tortoises: D. H. Lawrence and Italo Calvino’s Anthropomorphism

~Shirley Bricout

Denis Forrester and D. H. Lawrence: Appearances of the ‘Disappearing River’

~Christopher Pollnitz

Lawrentian Lovers: Patrick White and Spud Johnson

~David Game

Lawrence and David Garnett: A Friendship Revisited

~Jane Costin (Text of the Birthday Lecture, September 2020)

A Life of Illness and Resilience: Reflections on D. H. Lawrence’s Letters in a Time of Pandemic

~Judith Ruderman

D. H. Lawrence and Richard Aldington

~Jonathan Long

What Was “wrong” With The Olivier Sisters?

~Jane Costin

How Best to Celebrate Literary Heritage?

~James Walker