JDHLS Volume 1, Number 2 (2007)

Editorial Notes and Acknowledgements

~Andrew Harrison

Further Letters of D.H. Lawrence

~James T. Boulton

Helen Corke’s Autobiography, Part II: 1913-1952, The Light of Common Day, or Not in Entire Forgetfulness

~Helen Baron

D.H. Lawrence and Philip Heseltine

~James T. Boulton

Editing ‘Wintry Peacock’

~N.H. Reeve

“To My Dear Conway/These Proofs”: A Note on the Textual Transmission of St. Mawr

~Paul Poplawski

Lawrence, Madame Douillet and the Hotel Beau Rivage

~Peter Preston and Keith Cushman

‘The Uses of Lady Chatterley

~Sean Matthews

Frieda von Richthofen and Karl von Marbahr

~John Worthen

Lawrence and the Death-Bed Doodles

~David Ellis


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