JDHLS Volume 5, Number 3 (2020)

Editorial Notes and Acknowledgements

~Susan Reid

Special Issue on The Poems

An Occasion and a Time for Reassessment of D. H. Lawrence’s Poetry: An Introduction

~Holly A. Laird

Appendix: Table of Contents for The Poems, Volume III

Part 1: Articles

The Cambridge Edition of Lawrence’s Poems: Seeing It Through, or How the Board Saw It

~John Worthen

How to Read the Cambridge Edition of D. H. Lawrence’s Poems

~Paul Eggert

Appendix: Editorial Method and Its Effects

D. H. Lawrence: Croydon Poet

~Christopher Pollnitz

Underworlds and Afterlives: D. H. Lawrence’s Uncollected War Poems and Imagism

~Lee M. Jenkins

D. H. Lawrence’s Elephant Poems: Poetry and Prose Poetry, Texts and Contexts, from 1915‒1929

~Susan Reid

Part 2: Readings

New Readings of Selected Poems

Curated by Holly A. Laird

Socks and Frocks: Re-Seeing the ‘Dialect Poems’
~Andrew Harrison

‘Surgeon Me Sound’: Playing Doctor Under The Yew Tree
~Tina Ferris

A Wandering Prayer
~Elise Brault-Dreux

Smothering Silence
~Kate Mcloughlin

Gargnano, Mourning and Melancholia
~Howard J. Booth

Regarding the Freedom of the Sea
~Dawid W. De Villiers

Underworld-Making in ‘Medlars And Sorb-Apples’
~Sarah Bouttier

Sounding out ‘The Ass’
~Fiona Becket

Place, Freedom and ‘The Deepest Self’ in Lawrence’s ‘Eagle in New Mexico’
~Eunyoung Oh

D. H. Lawrence’s ‘Change Of Life’
~Annalise Grice

The Stink of Lawrence’s Pansies
~Joseph R. Shafer

A Thought on A Budding Pansy and Its Transformation
~Andrew Keese

On ‘Widdershins’
~Paul Franz

Lawrence and Yeats on Death
~Masashi Asai

Unextinguished Fire
~Bethan Jones

Reports and Reviews

The D. H. Lawrence Memory Theatre

~James Walker